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Thundercats, hooo!

I couldn’t resist. Has anyone watched the revamped cartoon? It’s actually pretty good. I kind of love it. Anyway.

Guys. You guys. I got a KINDLE. Oh man! I finally (gleefully) jumped on the eReader bandwagon, after months of deliberation which ended up being kind of a no brainer, because eReader = moar books. It’s not like having one bars me from buying actual books, it just means I will never ever in my life ever run out of things to read and I won’t run the risk of turning my living quarters into an episode of Hoarders: Book Edition.

I also had a birthday coming up, so I conveniently did not have to pay for it. So I waited months and months for June to get here, tried to make a dent in my TBR pile, which I knew would get laughably huge as soon as that Kindle Touch was in my possession. And then my birthday came last week, and it was THERE, in my lil gift bag!


I spent three days just filling it and filling it, mainly with the freebies and cheapies, since – let’s be honest, I’m friggin broke a lot of the time because I’m trying to be good and not spend all the monies I should be saving. I quickly found out it is WAY to easy to hit that buy button and not think about it depleting my bank account. So I have a lot of classics I’ve never read on there (Sherlock Holmes, The Jungle, H.G. Wells, Vonnegut, and so many more I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t read yet) some YA that is clearly self published, hoo boy.

I have a number of books in my to-read list I looked up at the kindle store, and my word, they were still pretty pricey. It kind of amazes me how expensive some of the eBooks are, and it’s like forget it – I’ll buy it used. I don’t want to break the bank with my Kindle, no matter how convenient it is. So I have it now, and I enjoy it, but you better believe I’m still buying physical books. I just bought a bunch from Better World Books which I highly recommend, especially if you’re buying used. For every book you buy, they donate a book through various organizations for kids and such. It’s really affordable, and they don’t even charge shipping. So while I love how handy the Kindle is, I think it’s cool that it coexists nicely with my heap o’ books.

I’ve never given much thought to the idea of eBooks trampling all over physical books and taking their place like a wicked stepmother steamrolling over the beloved, lost forever mom. There are way too many book lovers who prefer having a book in their hands for that. I love flipping the pages, writing notes in the margin as I read, marking my favorite quotes. I love the book smell, the gorgeous cover art sitting on my bookshelf instead of on a little screen. I’ll never stop buying actual books, I’ll just get choosier about what I’m willing to store on the Kindle and what I have to have on my shelves.

My question, you Kindle, Nook, and eReader owners, is: what books do you find you prefer having physical copies of, and what do you load on your eReaders? I find that yeah, some of my guilty pleasure reads go on the Kindle, and books I would’ve passed on had they not been so cheap. I’m noticing that I download a lot of genre fiction on there. I think I’ll always buy physical copies from small, independent presses, because I feel like I’m better supporting the authors that way. I’m going to Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago this weekend – my first time ever, I am so excited – and I am going to buy so many books, dear Lord help me show some some restraint.

So what tends to stay on your shelves, and what books better serve your literary needs in e-format? Do any of you double up on a particular novel? Are y’all as stoked as I am that Thundercats is coming back for a second season?


Yeah, you totally are. I can tell.