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This will be interesting, since I just started this book today. I scrambled to finish my last one the night before, since I’ve wanted to read John Dies at the End by David Wong for quite some time. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf teasing me for a few weeks, and I’m super stoked to finally start. I can already tell it’s going to entertain the hell out of me on the plane ride to and from Florida this week.


So! Random page teaser:

Ohh, hey, the start of a chapter. Page 193: “It was Ronald McDonald’s eyes that haunted me. I had gotten hungry for bratwurst and had been walking toward the entrance of one of the four McDonald’s franchises in Undisclosed (if you think it’s weird getting a bratwurst from a McDonald’s, then you’re not from the Midwest).”

That first line made me giggle snort. And I beg to differ, narrator: I am from the Midwest, and I still think it’s weird to get a bratwurst from McDonald’s. Unless in John’s world, this is totally normal. I also have no idea what Undisclosed is: yet. I can’t wait to find out! The burning question I want to know now, however, is why Ronald McDonald’s eyes are haunting him. I’ve always found the clown particularly creepy myself, but something tells me Stuff Goes Down at this McDonald’s. And it involves Ronald McDonald’s eyes.