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Man, you know, I still have to work on the getting dedicated to updating my new baby in a timely fashion. I’m discovering I really enjoy this and all the new people I get to talk to and interact with on the internets. Two weeks ago, I got a super pleasant surprise that made this new blogger’s heart go pitty pat.

I gots an award!

Mandyevebarnett nominated moi for the Versatile Blogger Award. WITH this lovely nomination came some rules I have no trouble following:

1. Thank the award giver and link them back to your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 8 blogs you enjoy reading.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

7 things about me

1. I am a music fiend. Nothing pleases me more than delving into multiple music genres, combing through bands and artists and expanding my music library. I live for music. I probably spend four hours a day with earbuds jammed in my ears while I write (or dance around my room. Or read. Or play Draw Something).

2. I will eat granola all day every day.

3. I have a phobia about hair. Human hair, mostly. Not when it’s on my head, or someone else’s, but when it’s loose. Ask me to clean out a hairbrush, or clean a sink with hair on it, and I will dry heave while attempting to do so, and maybe cry. A hair in my food? You will witness the most over dramatic freak out ever. I am 26, and I make my mother clean out my hairbrush for me.

4. I have ideas for 6 potential novels just sitting on my computer. I love all of them, but I’m trying to focus on one at a time to actually finish something.

5. I’m writing a fantasy series with a coauthor. The first novel is finished, in the revision process, and is one of like, 14 books planned for the series. Ah know, right? It’s the ONLY fantasy I’ve ever worked with #learningexperience

6. I spend all of fall, winter, and spring looking forward to my yearly trip to Michigan, where I spend a long weekend along the small towns hugging Lake Michigan. It is the most relaxing 3-4 days of the entire year.

7. I love Hanson. I AM NOT ASHAMED.

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Thanks so much to Mandyevebarnett for nominating me. I’m still feeling my way through this blogging business and learning all the time, and the encouragement is so much appreciated! And all the blogs listed here have made me laugh, educated me, and entertained me.

Pass on the love!