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Day TWO of Love is Murder! Huzzah!

The morning started out with donuts, OJ, coffee, and oatmeal – I have no idea why I grabbed the oatmeal, I never eat all of it. I get it in my head that I’ll eat healthy today, and end up playing with it like I’m five. During breakfast, a panel of 9 first time authors kept us company and answered anyone’s questions about their books and such.


I’m writing this as I go today, since I was up too late finishing the post last night, and it is just too early for me to crave a nap this hard. The presenter is giving us a summary of each authors’ book, and then asked them questions like do you write about what you do, and was it difficult to not cross the line of confidentiality in your work. One of the authors said it was, since she works with the state police. Oh hay, one of them is in banking, like me. Her name is Sharon Hopkins. OH, I met her last night! Huh. Nice lady. There’s a pair of coauthors here. Aww, it makes me miss my coauthor. Jen, that’ll be us one day:


I almost feel guilty that I don’t know the majority of these authors. Here was a good question: “Do you write people that you know, and how?” One author: “I sometimes write them deader.” WIN. Another good question: how many of your protagonists’ sprang to mind, fully formed, and how many of you had to chisel away to form that character? There was a variety of answers – for me personally, the main protagonists can FEEL like they’ve sprung fully formed, but…I always learn way more about the character as I write them. They keep things from me that I don’t discover until I’ve put them in certain situations, as…unstable as that sounds. Writers, amirite?

I think I’ll end up splitting the day in half between posts, this is gonna be a long one. Next up: a workshop on proper gun usage. I am absurdly excited for this. Michael A. Black, mystery author and ex-cop, and Dave Case, a Chicago cop and a writer, are presenting. Holy cow, that is a whole mess of real guns:


They’re basically telling us how to write about guns the proper way (very appropriate for a mystery conference). CRAZY informative. I know jack about guns, so it was nice to learn the difference between a single and a double action revolver, how a revolver is loaded versus a semi-automatic and such.


Revolver. This next one is a Glock or, as my coworker Trina calls them, Gacks:


I found out a bullet gets its spin from the little grooves inside the barrel, and sometimes it’s difficult to get fingerprints off of a bullet since the heat burns off the moisture and oils from your skin, burning off the fingerprint. Apparently, Glocks do not have a manual safety, and the gun used can be identified by the scratches left on the bullet itself, as well as a scratch the ejector rod might’ve left on the round. And a whole bunch of other stuff I chicken scratched notes on. I still know like, nothing, but it was hella interesting.

Next: more pitches! And Sue is letting me do the talking. Oh boy…here we go.