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Well, hey there. I’m new around here. Because of my terrible fear of commitment, it’s taken me awhile to take the plunge into this blogging business. I want to make this relationship work, so I’m willing to make an effort, carry my weight, so to speak, if you’ll meet me halfway. You being: anyone interested enough to stop by, say hi, stay for tea and treats, whatever. Well, coffee. I do like the coffee. Treats – no scones. Sorry. I think they’re terrible. Cake – oh my, yes. There’s lots of that.

I’m a writer, living close enough to Chicago to trot on up there any chance I get. This blog got born out of necessity due to a recent, pretty awesome job opportunity. I work part time at a small publishing company, called Weaving Dreams Publishing. I am the publisher’s administrative assistant. Writing is my soul’s bread and butter, it’s literally a necessary component to my mental well being, so my dream career has always been one submersed in the business of writing. I’m taking my first few shaky steps in that direction, and let me tell you, it’s been an eye opener.

This blog is going to be my sounding board as I fumble my way through the curiosity that is the publishing business. Thus far, my three biggest functions with WDP is handling the book reviews, being a reader, and helping with book launches. You’re going to hear a lot about those three, with special mention to being a reader. Critiquing manuscripts has by far been the most time consuming, but honestly the coolest part. I’ve learned more from doing that than I ever did in any English class I took in college. It also made me realize that some authors are not as prepared as they should be – or can be – when they send their manuscript or proposal out to a potential publisher. My friends and coworkers have bore the brunt of my ranting and commentary over the plethora of mistakes and bad storytelling, and now, my dear readers, you get to hear about it.

What I hope to get out of this, besides free counseling from anyone willing to give it when my workload threatens to snap my connection to reality – not really sure yet. I’m open to ideas. I do know what I hope to give: advice, when I can. When it’s appropriate. Just in the past six months, from joining a writer’s group and working for the publishing company, I’ve learned how to become a better editor, reviewer, and writer. I want to share what I’ve learned, in the hopes that it helps someone else in their writing. I send pages and pages of comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms to the authors who pitch their work to Weaving Dreams, in the hopes that it helps them better their story and their craft, even if they don’t get picked up by us. I’m working on a series with a coauthor, and I know how amazingly helpful it is to have someone else critique your work. It’s invaluable. I’d like to help out, if I can.

So, enjoy! This blog might go a little all over the place, but it’ll stay within the realm of writing, so I hope you tag along, or stop in for a visit. You know, where there’s cake.